Chopard’s Happy Diamonds and Happy Hearts Collections

Known for its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style, Chopard has won the admiration of jewellery enthusiasts  around the globe. Among Chopard’s exquisite creations, two collections shine brightly: Happy Hearts and Happy Diamonds.

The Happy Hearts collection is all about joy and elegance, featuring delicate pieces adorned with playful hearts and colourful gemstones. Each design celebrates life’s beautiful moments with grace and charm. On the other hand, the Happy Diamonds collection brings a sense of fun and innovation. Introducing the concept of freely moving diamonds, this collection showcases diamonds that dance and twirl within transparent cases, creating a captivating display of light and motion.

These Chopard jewellery collections exemplify the brand’s dedication to luxury and joy. From the innovative design of the Happy Diamonds collection, where diamonds dance freely between sapphire crystals, to the heartfelt sentiment of the Happy Hearts line, each piece embodies Chopard’s commitment to timeless elegance and perfect craftsmanship. Let’s explore why these two collections are so beloved and important.

chopard happy diamonds and happy hearts collection

Source: Chopard

Histories of Behind the Collections

Let’s start by understanding how these two collections were created and explore their histories.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Collection

The Chopard Happy Diamonds collection was born out of a creative vision in 1976 when Chopard’s designer Ronald Kurowski was inspired by the sight of sunlight sparkling on a waterfall during a walk in the Black Forest. Captivated by the idea of capturing this effervescent sparkle in a piece of jewellery, Chopard developed a groundbreaking design where diamonds could move freely between two sapphire crystals, creating an ever-changing display of light.

This innovation not only showcased the diamonds’ brilliance in an unprecedented way but also injected a playful dynamism into fine jewellery. The collection has since evolved to include a wide range of pieces, including watches, necklaces, earrings, and rings, each embodying the joy and freedom symbolized by the freely moving diamonds.

The collection has seen various iterations, from bold and expressive designs to delicate and understated pieces, catering to a wide range of styles and preferences. Despite these variations, the essence of Happy Diamonds remains unchanged – the celebration of life’s joyous moments through the dynamic beauty of diamonds.

Chopard Happy Hearts Collection

Building on the success and the joyful spirit of the Happy Diamonds, the Chopard Happy Hearts collection was introduced as an emblem of love and a celebration of femininity. It is characterized by elegant hearts interspersed with the signature moving diamonds, symbolizing the love and joy that fill a generous heart.

This collection is particularly noted for its versatility and the way it combines sophistication with a playful charm, making it suitable for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. Over the years, the Happy Hearts line has expanded to include a variety of colours and materials, including precious metals and stones, thereby offering a broad appeal to a diverse audience.


Both of the collections have a special meaning and essence. Let’s discover what symbolism these collections have.

Happy Diamonds Collection

What distinguishes the Happy Diamonds line is not just its original appearance, but also the symbolism it represents. Each freely moving diamond symbolizes joy, freedom, and the beauty of life’s brief moments. Chopard has expertly captured these sentiments in a tangible form, allowing users to take a piece of happiness with them. It’s a compilation that goes beyond aesthetics, exploring deeper issues of human experience and emotional richness.

In recent years, Chopard has reinforced its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring that the Happy Diamonds collection not only represents joy but also respect for the planet and its inhabitants. By sourcing ethically mined diamonds and employing sustainable manufacturing processes, Chopard ensures that the joy encapsulated in their jewellery is as pure and responsible as it is beautiful.

Happy Hearts Collection

The heart, a global symbol of love, is central to the Happy Hearts Collection. Chopard has reinterpreted this classic design, giving it a sophisticated elegance that appeals to today’s discriminating jewellery fans. Each piece, whether a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings, contains a variety of sized hearts. Those are frequently paired with Chopard’s trademark moving diamond that marks the Happy collections. This one-of-a-kind combination of a heart shape and a freely moving diamond embodies the spirit of love in motion: dynamic, ever-changing, and forever brilliant.

Chopard’s dedication to making a positive impact is beautifully reflected in the Happy Hearts Collection. The brand has been involved in various philanthropic initiatives, often linking specific pieces or collections to charitable causes. Through this commitment, Happy Hearts transcends its aesthetic appeal, embodying Chopard’s vision of luxury with a purpose. By choosing a piece from this collection, wearers are not only embracing a symbol of love and joy but also contributing to the greater good, making each heart a beacon of hope and generosity.

The Happy Hearts Collection values uniqueness and personal expression. With its diverse colours, materials, and styles, the range provides limitless opportunities for customizing and styling. Each colour offers a story, from powerful red hearts representing passion and strength to delicate pastel tones indicating sensitivity and care, allowing wearers to tailor their jewellery to their specific narrative or emotional state. This versatility broadens the collection’s significance, making it an ideal companion for life’s different stages and transitions.

Choosing Happy Diamonds vs Happy Hearts Collections

Both collections are renowned for their beautiful craftsmanship and inventive designs, yet they appeal to distinct preferences and symbolisms. Consider these factors while making your choice:

Consider your style

Think about the occasion

Everyday Versatility vs. Special Moments: Happy Diamonds can elevate everyday wear with a touch of whimsy or add sparkle to special occasions. Happy Hearts, with its heart motif, might be particularly fitting for gifts of love or moments that celebrate personal connections and milestones.

Reflect on the Message You Want to Convey

Consider the price

When comparing the pricing of Chopard’s two enchanting collections, two main points stand out. Firstly, the Happy Diamonds collection typically commands a higher price due to the complexity of its craftsmanship and the use of high-quality diamonds and precious metals. This collection includes a wide range of jewellery, with watches and pieces featuring larger or numerous diamonds reaching the highest price points.

Secondly, the Happy Hearts collection, while still luxurious and crafted with high-quality materials, tends to offer a broader range of prices, making it more accessible for various budgets. The focus on the heart motif and the inclusion of Chopard’s signature moving diamond in simpler designs allows for a more varied price range, accommodating those looking for both entry-level luxury and high-end sophistication.

Factors Influencing Price: For pieces in the Happy Diamonds collection the size and number of diamonds, the complexity of the design, and the type of precious metal used (e.g., platinum vs. gold) are significant factors that influence price. Watches, especially, can be among the most expensive items in this collection due to their mechanical complexity and the luxury status of high-end timepieces. Similarly, for the Happy Hearts collection, the materials used (type of gemstones, quality of diamonds, and metal) significantly affect the price. However, Happy Hearts pieces may be more accessible price-wise, with simpler designs that focus on the symbolic heart shape and fewer moving parts.

Why Choose a Piece from the Happy Diamonds Collection

The jewellery from this piece may be ideal for those who appreciate dynamic and unique jewellery designs that stand out and make a statement. Also, those who are looking for versatile pieces that can transition from day to night effortlessly. Finally, anyone wishing to capture and express the joy and spontaneity of life’s beautiful moments.

Why Choose a Piece from the Happy Hearts Collection

On the other hand, Happy Hearts is perfect for people who value jewellery with deep emotional and symbolic meaning, especially relating to love and generosity. Also, individuals looking to make a statement of elegance with a heartwarming story or support charitable causes through their choice of jewellery.

Wearers who enjoy personalizing their style with vibrant colours and designs that reflect their personality or emotional connections.

Chopard embodies luxury, elegance, and innovation, with its famous jewellery collections renowned for their timeless design and flawless craftsmanship. Happy Diamonds captures fun and spontaneity with its unique moving diamonds, while Happy Hearts expresses love and generosity, representing Chopard’s commitment to luxury and emotion. These collections not only highlight the brand’s excellent craftsmanship but also its dedication to honouring life’s most precious events, setting it apart in the luxury jewellery market.