Mikimoto Pendant MPQ10083ADXW


3 MM / AKOYA  A+ Grade Pearl

18K White Gold chain 19.5″/17.25″

0.20ct Diamonds


Since 1893, Mikimoto has been adorning women with the luxury of perfection.

Cultured Pearls come in a range of qualities. Only the best pearls in the world are destined to become Mikimoto gems.

Luster is the amount of light a pearl reflects from both its surface glow and the deep mirror-like reflection of its inner light. The better the nacre quality of the pearl, the more superior its luster. Only the highest quality pearls with the most luminous luster carry the Mikimoto name.

Subtle blemishes and tiny marks are part of a pearl’s natural texture and proof of its genuine origin. These blemishes are the result of sea particles that drift into the oyster and brush against the pearl as it forms. Fewer surface imperfections denote a higher quality, more valuable pearl.

Pearls vary widely in color based on the type of oyster that produces them. The rarer the shade, the more valuable the pearl. Colors range from cream, pink and grey to black, green and blue. White and pink rosé are among the most popular Akoya colors; peacock green and gold are among the rarest South Sea shades. While color choice is a matter of personal preference, always look for rich color, evenly distributed throughout the pearl.